Time to get your ring fixed? Our on-site jeweler can take care of you quickly!

Ring Sizing

     We work with all fine metals, including Platinum, 18 karat, 14 karat, and sterling silver. We will carefully assess the safety of your stones if present and advise if your sizing can be done. *Express same-day service available upon request!

Custom Jewelry Remounts and Repurposing

Ring Shank Repair

     Over time, ring shanks, or ‘bands’ will wear. If softer metals are used (like 18 karat) or if more than one ring is worn against one another, the wear will occur more quickly. If your rings are exposed to chemicals, over time, this can be a contributor as well. We will assess the condition of your shank and make recommendations based on your lifestyle – either to thicken your current shank, to replace it halfway, or replace entirely.

Ring Maintenance Burlington VT

Ring Shank Special Fitting

     Does your ring rotate around your finger? It could be that your ring is top-heavy, or just that it fits differently from when you received or purchased it. This can make your prongs wear very quickly and put precious stones at risk for breakage or being lost altogether. We can add sizing beads to inside of the shank to stabilize it or completely re-shank with an adjustable shank. Either way, we will carefully assess your needs and make the best, most cost-effective recommendation.

Ring Conditioning, Re-tipping and Stone Replacement

     At Shannon’s we very carefully analyze the condition of your ring when you bring it to us. Beyond an accident that can damage the setting, wear will happen over time and we will honestly quote you the options that you have for repair as well as ensuring long-term that your stones are safe. For stones that need replacement, we will work with you on everything from a major center stones to melee and side stones, we can help you find the closest match to the original. *Express same-day service available upon request!

Engagement Ring Stone Replacement Vermont

Rhodium Plating

     Today, many white gold pieces (including rings and pendants primarily) are plated with a metal called Rhodium. Rhodium is a metal found in the platinum family. Because white gold is still .585 % gold (i.e. yellow), different castings mixed with varying other alloys (nickel primarily), it’s color can sometimes have yellowish undertones. Manufacturers often apply Rhodium to coat pieces to whiten their appearance. This, however, will wear with time (depending on a number of factors). Our goldsmith applies a proper coating level that ensures the plating will last as long as possible. *Express same-day service available upon request!