The Services We Provide

     Shannon’s Fine Jewelry is a full service Jewelry store, complete with an onsite Master Goldsmith, located in Essex Junction, Vermont. We specialize in making your jewelry shopping and jewelry repair process easy, by providing a one stop shop for all our customers needs, and the best personalized service. If you are looking for a new jeweler you want to stop in to see us. Our Master Goldsmith has worked for some of Burlington, VT’s largest Jewelers and may have built your ring, necklace, or pendant at some point in the past. Now, with our own store, we’re able to deliver the exceptional level of customer service that we expect, and you will come to expect as well. What you see for sale on our website is a fraction of what we have in our Essex Junction store; 70% or more of our work, is custom jewelry that is created just for our clientele. When the Master Jeweler owns the store, custom jewelry isn’t as expensive as you may think! Next time you are in the market for a new jewelry or jewelry repair, stop in to Shannon’s Fine Jewelry, to see what we can do for you!

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