Broken Pearl Necklace or Bracelet? Pearl Restringing!

     Don’t worry! Shannon’s Jewelry to the rescue with their onsite pearl restringing services. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for these beautiful items to wear and break. There is nothing worse than the thought of your pearls scattering across the floor. When restringing pearl necklaces and bracelets we prefer to restring by knot which, puts a small knot between each pearl. This serves two purposes when restringing – it prevents the pearls from scattering should the strand break again in the future and, it protects the pearls from rubbing against each other which can cause the pearls to wear over time.

Maintaining your pearl necklaces and bracelets     

     It’s true that pearls need to be restrung over their lifetime. Silk cords can break, but less obviously can stretch, putting them into a vulnerable position when worn. We’ll help by restringing your inherited pearls, or at the very least examine and advise for strength and longevity. Pearls, like any bead, can be strung individually by knot (recommended, as if something happens, they will not all be lost) or without knots (often recommended for less expensive beads or costume jewelry).

    Bring your pearls into Shannon’s Fine Jewelry and we’ll be happy to inspect them and let you know if they are in good shape or, if you should consider restringing at some point in the future.