As you plan for your big day, we know you will have a good deal of budgetary decisions to make. That is why we will always have competitive pricing on wedding bands, but you can also be sure that the quality will be high; after all, you’ll be wearing these every day! As with our engagement and anniversary rings, we work in platinum, gold, and palladium for ladies and gentlemen. We also have options using alternative metals such as tungsten, titanium, and silicone. Our bands are set with or without stones, some being complimentary to and perfectly fit to specific engagement styles.

Shop top selling Wedding Band Styles that we will customize to your liking!

     What does custom really mean? It can mean as much or as little as you would like it to! If you like the ring as it is, we will measure for the correct size and give you exactly what you see. Maybe you want the shank a bit different, a different stone combination, or the ring contoured to match your engagement ring just right. These are the details that we pay attention to because they are important. Just because we it is “custom” doesn’t mean it has to cost more. Most times, it means we built it just for you.

To view our large selection of Wedding Bands, visit our store in Essex Junction, VT or shop us online!